We are more than happy to present you our super-green and keen bamboo set. Feel the cool timber breeze and walk around seamless bamboo forests’ patterns. This collection is out of this world and will have a great success in decorating a Chinese restaurant walls or flattering the restaurant’s menu. This one-of-a-kind set is a wonderful design material; it can also be used as a package update, posted in related blogs and even decorate a book’s cover. 
We’ve prepared a rich assortment for you to choose, whether you are looking for unique frame ideas or creative background designs, have a look for yourself and be sure that this grassy leafy miracle is worth of trying out. Closely, in this collection you can find: six adorable bamboo frames designs, massive bamboo stalks illustrations and astonishing bamboo forest backgrounds, which will totally make you feel the deep woodland atmosphere.
These hand-drawn illustrations pack a punch. I use only the highest quality watercolors for vibrant hues and rich saturation, and premium paper for a pleasing watercolor texture. It's charming art, not digital embellishment. Offering unique illustrations from the artist's hand, vectorized and optimized for your digital and print products.
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