Spring flowers. Set of 80 watercolor vector objects.
“Luminous, sunny, sparkling”, these are the first words popping up in mind when this collection catches your attention. Fantastic spring flowers are beautifully fitting in, whether you are creating a nice atmosphere at home or refreshing a work place. It is as well a fine addition to garden magazines and journals, books and other media. Naturally, it embellishes bedroom’s walls with its soft color palette, flatters kitchen or bathroom tiles. 
These flowers will look amazing on curtains or even decorating a package. There are so many creative ways to use this wonderful set of spring flowers as a design material.
Flowers included: sunny crocuses, charming snowdrops, soft lily of the valley, glittering freesias and hyacinth bouquets. These magnificent flowers will go well with postcards, gift cards and even wedding invitations.
In this set you can also find: various bouquets and vases illustrations, six lovely wreaths designs and marvelous spring branches paintings.
These hand-drawn illustrations pack a punch. I use only the highest quality watercolors for vibrant hues and rich saturation, and premium paper for a pleasing watercolor texture. It's charming art, not digital embellishment. Offering unique illustrations from the artist's hand, vectorized and optimized for your digital and print products.
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